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About BBC Disposal

BBC Disposal is the premier source for dumpster rental in the Metro Detroit and surrounding cities. Call or request a free quote today.

BBC Disposal uses rubber wheeled dumpsters and driveway-safe trucks.

Most roll-off dumpsters have metal wheels that can harm your driveway or parking lot. They can leave ruts or scraps when they are delivered or picked-up. BBC's rubber wheeled dumpsters are driveway-safe and make quick work of all your commercial and residential clean-up projects. They will not crack, scrape, gouge, or leave hydraulic oil spills on driveways nor leave a depression in the asphalt. They are versatile and easily moved from location to location.

No need to keep the dumpster on the street far away from your work. A Driveway-Friendly Dumpster can negotiate alleys and driveways, setting the box closer to your cleanup. Drop your rubbish right at the dumpster.

Benifits of BBC

There are many benifits of using rubber wheel dumpsters.
  • Versitile & easy to move
  • Will not harm driveways or parking lots
  • BBC also uses driveway safe trucks