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Typical Environment: Residential and Small Business

Size Class: 10 Yard

Average Dimensions: 4' high x 6' wide x 10' long

Example Disposable Contents: 10-yard open top dumpsters are ideal for waste created by house, garage, or storage facility cleaning and like projects.

Typical Environment: Residential, Small Business, and Commercial

Size Class: 20 Yard

Average Dimensions: 5' high x 6' wide x 16' long

Example Disposable Contents: 20-yard open top dumpsters are suited for smaller and larger projects alike such as roof replacement debris or waste generated by carpet removal.

Typical Environment: Small Business and Commercial

Size Class: 30 Yard

Average Dimensions: 7' high x 6' wide x 20' long

Example Disposable Contents: 30-yard open top dumpsters are perfect for medium sized commercial jobs such use on construction sites or industrial and commercial building clean-outs.